Dicktator Transmission Controller


After two years of development, Dicktator has launched as of 2016 a new and exciting transmission controller with intuitive software interface for tuning. This controller comes packed with features created to keep you in control. Whether it is for you every day run about car or 4x4 this controller is the one for you.

The controller has been built with the popular A650E transmission in mind. Great effort has gone into replicating the A650E OEM signals to ensure you get that 2nd gear without shortening the life of your gearbox!

To ensure you the customer get the most out of your box we have set this site up for you to interact with the developers via the forum. Note there is no need for you to sign up just simply ask a question or submit a comment and our team will respond as soon as possible.

Software interface

Easy setup page, select your transmission speed etc..

Set the channels per gear shift that should activate, 5 digital and 3 PWM channels configurable for this controller. *Note channel 9 currenlty not active for this controller.

Tune your box to your preference with this intuitive throttle position vs speed interface!

Analyse your drive, through the logging interface. Select the interested variables and log, save to a text file for detailed analysis in Excel etc.



Modular box with plug and play harness provided.

Communication to PC interface done through comport. Use RS232 cable, FTDI etc. Cable is excluded.